Privacy Policy Statement


Intelligent Project Solutions (“IPS” or “We”) Inc., a corporation duly incorporated and in good standing under the laws of British Columbia, is an artificial intelligence (AI) engineering and digitalization and service company.  We are committed to providing exemplary service to our customers and partners beyond expectations. The purpose of this Privacy Statement is to adhere to applicable standards and privacy laws in processing your personal information. It is as important that we commit to safeguarding and lawful treatment of all information you provide. 


Your privacy is important to us, and we respect the fundamental rights of all individuals to the privacy and protection of your personal information.  That is the reason why we give special attention to how we collect, process, use, and disclose your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy Statement.  IPS is responsible for all personal information collected and processed thru the “Contact” section of this website.

How We Collect

We collect personal information as you visit our website ( and by sharing your business contact information thru the “Contact” section.   There are also other ways where we can collect data from you, thru (1) professional social network sites; (2) electronic messages or emails; (3) online marketing events; and (4) contacts derived from technical support services. 

What We Collect

We collect your full name, email address, professional social media profile, phone number, and corporate position when you deal with us.  We also collect business information such as company profile, industry type, and business contact number. 


When you made a deal with us regarding our services, we collect personal and company information thru sales transactions, service contracts, billing, and technical support. We may also collect personal information when you register for our marketing events such as webinars and product demos. 

When working with other business entities, personal information that they have collected may be shared with us. Third parties that we are dealing with may provide your name and business information that may be beneficial to both parties.


Similar to other websites, we use cookies when you access our website.   A cookie is a small text file that contains a string of characters that is sent to your hard disk by a web server.  Cookies are uniquely assigned to users like you when visiting a certain website. They store specific information and user preferences.   For further details on the cookies we are using, please visit this link to our Cookie Policy.

Why We Collect

We process the personal information that we gathered to fulfill our promise to provide services to our clients as stipulated in our mutual agreements.  Personal information collected will be used to contact you while doing our services and other support as agreed upon.


Likewise, you may receive communications from us on new products and services when you made an agreement with us on the use of our products and services, inquired about our products and services, or attending to our marketing events.


When we do our marketing events, collected personal information may be used to craft a personalized marketing strategy that will suit the requirements of our potential clients, send marketing handouts to our leads, enhancement of our overall marketing efforts, improve the design and content of our website, and for the development of our products and services. 


Potential leads that we want to do business with are targeted by our email campaigns.  Customized email messages used to engage with our new customers are distributed thru Zoho Campaigns, a type of email marketing software for automated workflows. You may visit Zoho Campaign’s Privacy Policy ( for their detailed policy.

Personal information collected as you connect with us thru different platforms (website, email, professional social network sites such as Linkedin) is processed to analyze your needs for us to assist you better.   We may integrate this information into other collected information from other sources.


As you visit our website,  we gather data analytics thru google analytics as our service provider.  Technical information on the use of our website such as IP addresses, page and section views, file downloads, registrations, and service requests are analyzed to improve our quality and better provide you with our services and products.

We also collect personal information thru job hiring via different online marketplace (such as UpWork and Linkedin).  Job applications are processed for recruitment and analytics purposes.

How We Share

We share and disclose your personal information as we provide our services and products.  Service-related tasks may involve sharing or access to your personal information with our employees, partners, consultants, and third-party service providers. These include processing of payouts and billing and collections purposes. 


When we share your personal information with our trusted third parties, we see to it that they will provide a strict level of protection for your information. In doing authorized tasks, third-party service providers may access, process, analyze and store your information. Your personal information may also be shared with our partners for marketing purposes.

How We Keep and Protect

We give our best to keep your personal information secured and protected.  We employ strict security features and storage procedures to block unwanted access.  We store your personal information on a secured server (Amazon Web Services or AWS).  For records purposes, personal information is stored and disposed of securely after a specific retention period.  Access to personal information is limited to authorized persons who have administrator access to our systems.  Rest assured that they are treating your personal information with the utmost confidentiality.


During our marketing activities, we collect data from our clients, potential leads, associates, and prospective partners.  Personal information collected is stored in a customer relationship management system, ZohoCRM. 

Exercising Your Rights

We respect your rights to personal information.  Safety procedures have been put in place to secure the personal information that we collect, use, store, disclose and dispose of.  We also highly recommend our clients, leads, and partners with whom we share personal information to have similar security procedures in processing personal information. 

In the event of a possible data breach involving your personal information shared with us, or discontented with how we process them, you may reach us through the following channels:

  • Email :
  • Contact Number :
  • Headquarters : 59, 6300 Birch Street, Richmond, British Colombia, Canada

Changes to Privacy Policy Statement

We may apply modifications to this Privacy Policy Statement periodically and upload the latest version to our website without prior notice.  If for you there is a significant impact on the collection and processing of your personal information, we will notify you through this Privacy Policy Statement. 


This Privacy Policy Statement is effective June 30, 2022.