IPS’ iDrawings - P&ID AI solution migrates historical dumb PIDs (DWG, Scanned, PDFs) to Digital and Intelligent P&IDs , generate engineering deliverables, resulting in 50% efficiency gain. As a valued customer, we would like to update you with our new product release.

What’s New:

  • A much-matured AI Solution with enriched user interface: Since released in 2020, our team has been able to advance iDrawings AI engine to a new level of maturity: we are now able to achieve 70-90% accuracy while migrating to the destination CAD system, this will certainly bring down the overall cost and time of migration. This new release include an interactive user interface for customer to review and update AI detection to bring digital data from 80% to 100%.

  • Fully customizable to customer’s engineering standards:  Every customer has its own set of tagging and naming convention, and industries have different symbol systems and standards. IPS’s AI solution can be fully customized based on customer’s engineering standards. Furthermore, our AI solution can unify multiple standards into a common standard when doing conversion. This is very critical in engineering design or operation when standardization is needed.

  • 30% more schedule benefits:  With our improved AI technology, IPS’ generalized base AI model can significantly reduce initial model training and configuration time for most of the standards. In one week, with limited data, IPS AI can achieve close to 60% accuracy in recognition, and this results in a jump-start for projects and cuts P&ID conversion schedule by 30-40%. With more and more data AI can improve the accuracy further to finally reach the maximum of 70-90%.

  • 30% more price reduction: Due to this improved efficiency, we have lowered our price by 30%, thus extending the benefit of the improved efficiency and improved price to our customers.

     We continue to deliver in a SaaS Solution model and provide services with our global service partners.  

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