On Sep 15th, IPS partnered with Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institue (JITRI) and attended the Yangtz River Delta Economic Development Coordination Summit holding in Jiangsu Province, China. The coordination summit is a regular high-level economic development meeting among provinces in Yangtz River Delta Economic zone, which is the centre of China’s manufacturing and technology development and the largest economic development zone in China by GDP, covering Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Anhui province. The deputy governors, the mayors of key cities, and the head of technology innovation zones from these provinces attended the meeting, with major innovation players, such as the head of technology development from Alibaba. Presented by JITRI, IPS was featured as one of the ten industrial transformation innovation companies, and received good comments and attention from senior officers. IPS is looking forward to a cooperation with JITRI to develop the market and digital transformation technology in China.
About JITRI: “JITRI’s goal is to build a sustainable innovation eco-system in Jiangsu Province, linking the innovation both domestic and international resource and the driving demand of manufacturing industry, by building independent institutes to power the transformational research.”
More information at http://en.jitri.org

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