IPS iDrawings MTO: AI generates MTO from PDF P&IDs

In capital projects, material take-offs (MTOs) is a key engineering deliverable used for estimating costs, procurement, and project planning.


There are multiple MTOSs throughout the engineering phases for different purposes (as shown in the workflow), but early stage (or frond-end Engineering) plays a crucial role in early cost estimating for budgeting and bidding, early procurement, project planning and reducing project risks

Early stage MTO is mostly performed based on P&ID. However, early-stage P&IDs are often unintelligent and exist in PDF or scanned formats. Manual extraction of data from these documents to generate MTO or line list is time-consuming, error-prone, and resource-intensive.

IPS develops iDrawings MTO, an AI-driven solution that transforms the way EPC companies generate MTOs from PDF P&IDs. Let’s explore how this innovative tool revolutionizes the process.

The Challenge

Unintelligent P&IDs: Early-stage P&IDs lack intelligence and are often available only in PDF or paper scan format.

Manual Labor: Extracting data for MTOs and line lists requires significant manual effort.

Historical P&IDs: Many early-stage P&IDs are derived from historical designs, making them less structured and harder to work with.

IPS iDrawings MTO: The Solution

IPS iDrawings MTO uses AI technology to address these challenges. Here’s how it works:

Automated Recognition: The AI model is configured to recognize tags, lines, and symbols (such as instruments and valves) within PDF versions of P&IDs.

Intelligent MTO Generation: From the recognized components, the system generates a complete MTO/BOM (Bill of Materials) and line list directly.

High Accuracy: Assets are listed with impressive accuracy (ranging from 70% to 90%).

Interactive User Interface (IUI): Users can review and correct the MTO data interactively, ensuring 100% accuracy.

Cost and Time Savings: The automated workflow significantly reduces manual work, resulting in cost savings of 30% to 50% and faster project schedules.

Benefits to EPC Companies

Faster Estimation: With iDrawings MTO, EPC companies can generate MTOs rapidly, enabling quicker and more accurate cost estimates.

Reduced Project Risk: By automating the process, project risks associated with manual errors are minimized.

Efficient Resource Utilization: The solution saves valuable man-hours (0.1 to 0.5 man-hours per P&ID) and streamlines the bidding process.

Quality Deliverables: High-quality material quantities lead to better estimates and project planning.

In summary,

IPS iDrawings MTO empowers engineers to quickly generate MTO, enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and stay ahead in the competitive engineering landscape. It’s time to experience intelligent and AI-driven MTO generation. Schedule a personalized demo with us today by clicking here: https://ips-ai.com/contact/


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