IPS' CEO Daniel Bin Zhang and CTO SAURABH RAINA participated BC's Ai-Powered housing innovation workshop

The two-day workshop is lead by Digital joined by Honourable Ravi Kahlon, B.C.’s Minister of Housing, City of Vancouver Councillor, Pete Fry, and partnered with Microsoft. Day 2 was inspiring, with industry experts and innovative technology companies teaming together, leveraging Copilot to ideate, hack, validate and pitch twelve innovative solutions to our housing growth challenges. IPS’ CEO Daniel Bin Zhang, joined with three other industry experts, winning the final award.

Last week’s AI-Powered Housing Innovation workshop in Vancouver organized by Digital, supported by Microsoft Vancouver, was a remarkable convergence of government bodies, large corporations like Microsoft, the construction industry, and innovative companies like ours. We were invited to compile the best ideas to address the housing challenges in BC. 

In Metro Vancouver, housing affordability has become a pressing issue, with the city being one of the most expensive places to live in Canada. The dream of homeownership, or even renting, is increasingly out of reach for many, especially the younger generation.

The government is exploring various policies and programs, but it’s clear that a collaborative effort involving businesses, the construction industry, and technology innovators is essential to devise new solutions to this longstanding problem. Innovation in the housing sector isn’t limited to new technologies in design, engineering, and construction. It also encompasses areas like permitting, supply chain management, and beyond. We must look outside the traditional confines of the building industry, beyond BC, and beyond North America. At IPS, an AI Engineering data company, we specialize in AI-based digitalization solutions that transform engineering drawings into digital data for industries such as oil, gas, and chemicals. We recognize a similar need in the housing industry, where data is crucial for design, digital permitting, procurement, logistics, and construction.

Drawing from my experience in the Asian market, I’ve witnessed significant innovation in business models, particularly in online marketplaces that cover every aspect of business, including housing platforms that span design, supply, and modular construction. Learning from these successes can significantly expedite our transformation efforts back home. I’m proud to have been part of the final winning team at the workshop working with industry expert Jianhui Zhou, outstanding product manager Amy Wu and “people” leader Joel Malala Peterson. Our concept, akin to an ‘Alibaba for housing,’ focuses on the supply chain challenges of the housing problem. It’s a testament to the incredible talent and potential for innovation that exists to tackle such critical issues. I gave my winning price – a hammer – to my 9 year old kid, and hope we could hammer the issue so when they grow up, they wont need face the same challenges we have today. We are looking forward to working with Digital to continue piloting our AI technology to supply the transformation. Thanks Amy Vilis, MBA and entire digital team to make this a great success, and thanks John Westworth to gave us first hand of Copilot experience.


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