iEng™ 3D

AI solutions automating and integrated with engineering 3D model


Digitalizing and automating 

engineering 3D model

(under development)


iEng™ 3D

iEng™3D is a set of AI solutions under development for automating 3D model design:

AI recognizes 3D model components, learns rules from the 3D model, and then automatically generate 3D model designs for new projects and eventually brings us closer to developing generative engineering solutions. 

IPS is also in the process of integrating digital data from iEng™ drawings and documents to other engineering 3D model software and solutions in order to reduce manual data transfer and automate engineering process. 

IPS is looking for industry partners to

1) integrate with iEng™ drawing and iEng™ document solution to provide aggregated value 

2) co-develop AI 3D solutions

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