AI solutions digitalizing and automating engineering drawings

Digitalizing and automating engineering drawings

2 x 100 time faster



IPS released new version of iDrawings - P&ID Solution

IPS' iDrawings - P&ID AI Solution migrates historical dumb P&IDs (DWG, Scanned, PDFs) to Digital and Intelligent P&IDs, generate engineering deliverables, resulting in 50% efficiency gain. As a valued customer, we would like to update you with our new product release. 

What's New

  • A much matured AI Solution with enriched user interface
  • Fully customizable to customer's engineering standards
  • 30% more schedule benefits
  • 30% more price reduction

We continue to deliver in SaaS Solution model and provide  services with our global partners.



iDrawings-P&ID is a set of AI solutions for digitalizing and re-engineering drawings:

  • P&ID, PFD
  • Plant layout
  • Equipment drawings
  • Electrical drawings
  • Instrumentation Drawings, etc.

iDrawings-P&ID can be used to:

  • Identify, abstract, search, compare, modify engineering information from these drawings;         
  • Search, compare, modify engineering information from these drawings;         
  • Automatically re-create digital format of these drawing from none digital version(PFD, scanned);
  • Automatically produce other engineering deliverables from none digital version

iDrawings-P&ID is an AI solution for digitalizing the most critical engineering drawings: P&IDs. iDrawings-P&ID is an AI-trained application that recognizes symbols, text, shapes and their relationships on a P&ID, allowing users to:

  • Automatically recreate P&IDs into intelligent P&IDs (Auto CAD plant 3D, or Smart Plant P&ID from PDF or scanned drawings)
  • Identify, search, compare, modify engineering information on P&IDs
  • Produce other engineering deliverables, including equipment lists, line lists, instrument lists, and valve lists.

AI algorithm is trained based on a set of standard symbols to recognize and abstract drawing components (text, lines, symbols), and then regenerate intelligent P&IDs and other engineering deliverables.

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IPS delivers AI Solution in SaaS model and provides services with our global service partners.
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