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Webinar  | October 2023

Driving Digital Transformation: AI Driven MTO (Material Take-Off) Generation

Webinar  |  September 2023

AI Driven AutoCAD Plant 3D Conversion

Webinar  |  September 2023

AI Driven AVEVA P&ID Conversion

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Webinar  |  September 2023

AI Driven SmartPlant P&ID Conversion

Webinar  |  June – July 2022
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AI Driven AVEVA P&ID Conversion iDrawing P&ID AVEVA Integration Release

IPS’ iDrawings P&ID AI solution converts PDF/DWG P&ID to AVEVA P&ID. IPS iDrawings P&ID solution can digitalize PDF or scanned P&ID, abstract data and convert them into intelligent PID such as SPPID, AutoCAD plant 3D, and this new release include generation of AVEVA PID. Saving 30 to 50% of time and cost comparing with manual conversion.

We continue to deliver in a SaaS Solution model and provide digitalization and conversion services with our partners globally.
Webinar  |  October – November 2021
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IPS released new version of iDrawings - P&ID Solution

IPS’ iDrawings - P&ID AI Solution migrates historical dumb PIDs (DWG, Scanned, PDFs) to Digital and Intelligent P&IDs, generate engineering deliverables, resulting in 50% efficiency gain. As a valued customer, we would like to update you with our new product release.
Webinar  |  February 2024

AI Driven Data Population in SPI Management System

Webinar  |  May 2024

AI Driven Document Management and

AI Driven Document Management and Consolidation

IPS iWorkflow AI Solution revolutionizes document management. Learn how it extracts data from title boxes and cover sheets, identifies document information across various types of documents, and detects inconsistencies and duplications in large data sets. Achieve document management and consolidation up to 10 times faster with 90% cost savings.
Webinar  | March 2024

Driving Digital Transformation AI Driven iWorkflow AI Solution enabling Smart Procurement

Driving Digital Transformation AI Driven iWorkflow AI Solution enabling Smart Procurement

Let's revisit the incredible iWorkflow AI solution from Intelligent Project Solutions (IPS) in this insightful webinar! Discover how iWorkflow uses cutting-edge AI to streamline your procurement tasks, saving you time and money. Here's what you'll see: Effortless data extraction: Watch how iWorkflow automatically gathers vital information from complex documents, eliminating tedious manual work. Seamless report generation: See how the software transforms extracted data into user-friendly reports, giving you a clear picture of your procurement needs. Unlocking efficiency: Learn how iWorkflow empowers you to focus on strategic tasks, boosting your overall productivity. Get ready to be amazed!
Webinar  |  November 2023

iWorkflow Digilization for Asset Management and Digital Twin


IPS delivers AI Solution in SaaS model and provides services with our global service partners.