AI Transforming Traditional P&IDs into Intelligent P&ID with iDrawings P&ID by IPS

iDrawings P&ID: AI Transforming Traditional P&IDs into Intelligent P&ID

This document introduces iDrawings P&ID, a revolutionary AI solution that empowers engineers to unlock the full potential of Intelligent P&IDs (Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams).

What are Intelligent P&IDs?

Intelligent P&IDs are digital representations of a process plant’s piping and instrumentation, enriched with layers of intelligence and functionality through software integration. Unlike traditional P&IDs, they offer significant benefits: 

  • Data Integration: Seamless access to detailed information about each component in the diagram, including specifications, maintenance history, and other relevant data. 
  • Automated Drawing: Streamlined design process and reduced errors through automatic P&ID generation and updates based on design changes. 
  • Simulation: Ability to simulate process plant behavior, aiding engineers in optimizing design parameters and identifying potential issues before construction. 
  • Interactivity: Increased collaboration and exploration through interactive features like component-specific information access and “what if” scenario testing. 
  • System Integration: Enhanced information flow and project management through integration with other software systems like 3D models, digital twins, and digital asset management systems. 
Challenges of Traditional P&IDs and Manual Conversion 

Creating Intelligent P&IDs can be hindered by the need to convert existing static P&IDs (typically stored in formats like PDF and DWG) into dynamic, interactive assets. This manual process involves tedious and error-prone identification and tagging of each component, connection, and tag. 

iDrawings P&ID: The Solution

iDrawings P&ID tackles these challenges, revolutionizing the creation and management of Intelligent P&ID (AVEVA, SPPID, and AutoCAD P&ID) 

  • Seamless Transformation from Static to Dynamic: Automated identification, tagging, and connection of components significantly reduces conversion time and errors. 
  • Effortless Data Conversion: Effortlessly converts legacy formats (PDF, DWG) into Intelligent P&ID format, ensuring accuracy and consistency across projects. 
  • Accelerated Deliverables Generation: Streamlines the generation of essential project deliverables like line lists, equipment lists, and bill of materials (MTO) reports directly from PDF files. 
  • AI-Simplified Data Integration and System Complexity: Unifies graphics and data into a standardized format, facilitating interoperability across different systems and Intelligent P&ID formats. This simplifies data integration and system complexity, enhancing collaboration and decision-making. 
Success Stories:
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering: iDrawings P&ID generated hundreds of AVEVA P&IDs from PDF files in 4 weeks, enabling them to leverage digital engineering and achieve a 30% schedule reduction and 60% cost savings. 
  • Canadian Chemical Company: iDrawings P&ID successfully converted close to 2000 SPPIDs from PDF format, facilitating their digital transformation journey and future digital asset and digital twin integration. 
Embrace the Future of P&IDs
  • iDrawings P&ID empowers engineers to revolutionize their workflow and unlock new possibilities in process plant design and operation. Experience the power of AI-driven automation and streamline your workflow for increased efficiency and accuracy. 

    Learn more about iDrawings P&ID. Explore product webinars and product demo videos to experience the future of P&IDs firsthand. 


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