AI Generates MTO for EPC

IPS iDrawings-P&ID helps EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) companies achieve efficient Material Take-Off (MTO) from PDF P&IDs, resulting in faster and more accurate estimations.

2-10X Faster

0.1- 0.5 man-hours/P&ID

30%-50% Cost Saving

A couple of global EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) companies need to generate engineering MTO/BOM (Material Take-Off/Bill of Material) from PDF P&IDs for early cost estimates and bidding.


  1. P&IDs in the early stages are unintelligent and in PDF or paper scan format.
  2. Very often, these early-stage P&IDs are from historical P&ID or design packages and are in PDF or scanned format.
  3. Huge amounts of manual labor are needed for these MTOs and line lists.
  4. The schedule for the bidding process is extremely tight and requires high-quality material quantities for better estimates.


The IPS iDrawings–P&ID AI model is configured to recognize tags, lines, and symbols such as instruments and valves. It then generates a full MTO/BOM and Line-list directly from the PDF version of P&ID. All assets are listed with high accuracy (70 to 90%), and users can use an IUI (Interactive User Interface) to review and correct all the MTO to 100%. The AI automated workflow drastically reduces manual work, resulting in much less cost and time with higher accuracy. This is especially valuable for early-stage engineering and cost estimates.


By applying the IPS iDrawing–P&ID solution, EPC companies can generate MTO from PDF P&ID, ensuring a high-quality early estimate. This approach can reduce project risk, cutting costs and time by 50%.