Intelligent Project Solutions, IPS, provides “engineering with intelligence”, innovative AI solutions to meet the engineering and digital transformation needs of our customers.

Our demonstrated industry knowledge in engineering and project management, coupled with our AI expertise in deep learning, visual recognition as well as image and natural language processing enable us to provide cognitive AI solutions to fulfill the demands of today’s key process industries, focusing on oil, gas and chemical.

Our mission is to apply AI technology and innovation to deliver significant productivity gains for the engineering industry. We are committed to our vision to transform the future of engineering with our industry-leading AI solutions.

From service, pilot projects to collaborative partnerships, we provide customized solutions that help you succeed.

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Engineering with Intelligence
  • Free Human from none intelligent efforts

  • Support Human Intelligence for better Engineering, Project and Business decisions

Enrich Human Intelligence through knowledge transformation
  • digitalize and consolidate large knowledge data for better solution

  • develop new form of work to give human more freedom to create, interact, and balance work and life



Safety &

Engineering info were outdated and have risk for safe and efficient Engineering & Operation

Problem: Updating these information are all manual, costly and resource consuming. Company has to balance between NEEDs vs. MUST when $ and ROI are concerned.


Moving towards Industry 4.0 and be fully digitalized

Problem: Large amount of historical info are on paper (best in PDF), none digitalized, and building these info into a digital platform (digital twin) requires manual work


Needs for “faster, cheaper and better” capital project delivery

Problem: Lots of ”none value added” Engineering work, much of these due to manual data transfer within multiple engineering disciplines



New Technology
Endless Posibility

Engineering information is essentially presented in the form of drawings, documents and 3D models (either design-built or via point clouds). The application of AI technology – machine learning, deep learning, text/image/visual recognition and natural language processing – enables computers to “read” and process engineering documents and drawings the way a human would, effectively replacing manual processing, improving engineering productivity and further automating engineering deliverables.

By applying AI technology, computers can

  • digitalize critical engineering drawings and documents;

  • provide content searching capabilities;

  • perform cross checking;

  • consolidate data and knowledge for interaction and conversation with humans; and

  • automate engineering deliverables


2X to 100X Delivery

Our goal is to deliver customers with absolute value: 2X - 100X productivity gains with AI technology

The product and service IPS provide focus on the significant productivity gains: the product or service is aimed to deliver at minimal 50% cost saving and 2X faster productivity with equal or better quality, and in some cases 10X faster and 90% cost saving.

Use Cases





Customized AI Solutions

With our AI technology platform, work with you to develop customized AI model/solutions based on your own Engineering and Operational Standards to tangible productivity gains and quick ROI

Full Digitalization Service

Work with our digitalization Partners to to provide full or part of digitalization service from the point of scanned model to digitalized intelligent model with our AI technology with 30% less cost

iEng Tools

Based on our developed AI algorithm for different applications in drawings, documents, and in the future 3D models, iENG tools can be used for either engineering or digitalization of Engineering information, and drastically improve productivity.


An engineering drawing and document “reader”: an AI algorithm for digitalizing Engineering Drawings: PID, PFD, plant layout, and equipment drawings etc. that can be used to identify, search, compare, modify these engineering information on the drawing; automatically re-create digital format of these drawing from none digital version; and automatically produce other engineering deliverable from these drawings
Engineering content management designed to improve engineering productivity and knowledge management. AI algorithm for digitalizing Engineering Documents: standards, specifications, datasheets etc. Engineering documents and specifications can be digitalize in content and relationship, then apply “Google” like search technology to search all related engineering documents and information, compare and identify critical information conflicts, and then consolidate these information into knowledge base.
Recognition technology that analyzes, consolidates and links digital data from laser scans to digitalized engineering documentations, automate digitalization and eventually move towards generative engineering solutions. AI algorithm for recognizing 3D model components, and linkage with other 2D drawings or documents, then try to learn rules from 3D model for automatically generating design for future projects.


iEng Drawings - iENG intelligent PID

An AI algorithm for digitalizing most critical Engineering Drawings : P&ID. iEng PID is an AI trained to recognize symbols, text, shapes and their relationships on P&ID, and then

  • Automatedly recreate these PID into intelligent P&ID
  • Identify, search, compare, modify engineering information on PID
  • Automatedly produce other engineering deliverable such as Line List, Instrument List, Valve List etc.

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