At Intelligent Project Solutions, IPS, we engineer with intelligence, providing innovative AI solutions to meet the engineering and digital transformation needs of our customers.

Our demonstrated industry knowledge in engineering and project management, coupled with our AI expertise in deep learning, visual recognition as well as image and natural language processing enable us to provide cognitive AI solutions to fulfill the demands of today's key process industries, with a focus on oil, gas and chemical sectors.

Our mission is to apply AI technology and innovation to deliver significant productivity gains for the engineering industry. We are committed to our vision to transform the future of engineering with our industry-leading AI solutions.

From service and projects to collaborative partnerships, we provide customized solutions that help you succeed.

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Latest News

NRC-IRAP funds IPS to develop AI technology for Digitalization of Engineering Information

March 8th, 2018.  Canadian National Research Council Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP) has approved funding...

IPS Release iEng PID for Pilot

iEng PID is an AI solution for digitalizing the most critical engineering drawings: P&ID. iEng P&ID is an AI application that recognizes symbols, text,...

IPS cooperate with McMaster University in A.I. Research

IPS cooperate with McMaster University in A.I. Research

IPS Release iEng Document - Datasheet Solution

Feb 20, 2018. Intelligent Project Solutions has released a beta version of iEng Document - Datasheet Solution. This AI based solution will be ...



Much engineering data is obsolete and stored in silos, these data are non-digitized and unstructured. This leads to safety risks, knowledge loss, prolonged engineering for capital projects, and a laborious digital transformation process


Safety &

Needs for keeping Engineering Information current and consistent

Outdated and conflicting engineering information brings the risk of safe and efficient engineering and operation. Non-digitalized and unstructured historical engineering information make it difficult for identifying these information conflicts and updating requires tremendous manual work, costly and resource consuming.



The need for digital transformation towards Industry 4.0

Non-digitalized and unstructured historical engineering information using traditional file management systems make information difficult to find and consolidate, Therefore, significant manual work required to build digital twins or digital platforms for existing facilities, and this make digital transformation process extremely unproductive and expensive



Needs for “faster, cheaper and better” capital project delivery

Non-digitized and unstructured engineering data makes information difficult to find and consolidate into a standardized knowledge base, forcing engineers to reinvent data, recreate numerous drawings, datasheets, and specifications for each project. Current engineering process still has much manual data transfer and cross-checking between multiple disciplines, design tools, and platforms. All of these lead to an unnecessarily lengthy engineering process.




New Technology
New Speed
Endless Possibility

Engineering information is essentially presented in the form of drawings, documents and 3D models (either design-built or via point clouds). The application of AI technology in machine learning, deep learning, image/visual recognition, and natural language processing enables computers to “READ” and “UNDERSTAND” engineering documents and drawings the way a human would, effectively replacing manual processing, improving engineering productivity and further automating engineering deliverables.

By applying AI technology, computers can

  • Digitalize critical engineering drawings and documents;

  • Provide content searching capabilities;

  • Consolidate data and knowledge;

  • Automate engineering deliverables


2X to 100X Delivery

2X - 100X productivity gains with AI technology

The products and services provided by IPS focus on significant productivity gains: the product or service is aimed to deliver, at the minimum, 50% cost savings and twice the productivity, and in the future, 100X faster and 90% cost savings. 

Use Cases

From Capital Engineering to building a digital twin, AI can reduce manual work process, improve productivity at least 2X and with 50% cost savings


Re-creating Historial Engineering Information

2-100X Faster


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Reducing Manual Process Building Digital Twin 2X Faster


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Standardizing, Searching, Comparing, Consolidating Engineering Data


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iEng Solutions are AI Solutions digitalizing engineering drawings, documents, and 3D model, 

bringing engineering design automation to the future.

iENG Drawing is set of AI solutions for digitizing engineering drawings: P&ID, PFD, plant layout, and equipment drawings etc. that can be used to identify, search, compare, modify engineering information on these drawings; automatically re-create digital format of these drawing from none digital version; and automatically produce other engineering deliverables. 


An AI solution for digitalizing the most critical engineering drawings: P&ID. iEng-P&ID is an AI-trained application that recognizes symbols, text, shapes and their relationships on P&ID. iENG-P&ID also allows users to:

  • Automatedly recreate P&IDs into intelligent P&IDs 
  • Identify, search, compare, modify engineering information on P&IDs
  • Automatedly produce other engineering deliverables including equipment lists, line lists, instrument lists, valve lists, and more.

Engineering content management designed to improve engineering productivity and knowledge management. AI algorithm for digitalizing Engineering Documents: standards, specifications, datasheets etc. Engineering documents and specifications can be digitalized in content and relationship, then apply "Google" like search technology to search all related engineering documents and information, compare and identify critical information conflicts, and then consolidate this information into a knowledge base.


An AI solution for digitalizing the most critical engineering datasheets for equipment, instruments etc.. iEng-Datasheet is an AI-trained application that recognizes contents their relationships in the datasheet. iENG-data sheet also allows users to:

  • Automatedly recreate datasheet
  • Abstract all key information for data, which can be linked to iENG PID, and other engineering tools or database
  • Identify, search, compare, modify engineering information on datasheets.

iEng Digital contains AI algorithms for recognizing 3D model components, linking other 2D drawings or documents, then learning rules from 3D models to automatically generate designs for future projects. Recognition technology that analyzes, consolidates and links digital data from laser scans to digitalized engineering documentation, automates digitalization and eventually brings us closer to developing generative engineering solutions. 


iEng Solution SaaS

iEng Solutions will be configured based on your standards and specifications  to meet your engineering and digitalization needs

Digitalization Service

Full-service digitalization provided by iEng Solutions working in conjunction with our engineering partners

Customized AI Solutions

Research and develop AI solutions based on your engineering and business challenges


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