Today's Company's Challanges

Today’s market needs “faster, cheaper, better” project delivery, and clients expect innovative solutions to meet their fast-paced and ever-changing business needs. The traditional way of engineering is no longer relevant to today’s digital era, and engineering companies and suppliers must adopt new technology to stay agile, innovative and profitable.


2X to 100X Delivery

2X – 100X productivity gains with AI technology
AI can reduce manual work process, automate engineering, therefore improve productivity at least 2X and with 50% cost savings, and in the future, 100X faster and 90% cost savings.

use cases

Jump Start Capital Project

A global EPC (engineering) company typically needs to convert early phase P&ID from licensor or client into SPP&ID for front end engineering work. The schedule for this conversion is very critical for overall engineering schedule and early cost estimate. Applying IPS’s iDrawings –P&ID solution, the engineering company reduced the early P&IDs conversion schedule from 8 weeks to 4 weeks a 50% of schedule reduction...

AI Generates MTO for EPC

A couple of global EPC (engineering) companies need to generate engineering MTO/BOM (material take-off/Bill of material) from PDF P&IDs for early cost estimate and bidding Applying IPS iDrawing –P&ID solution, EPC can generate MTO from PDF P&ID for high quality early estimate and reduce project risk with 50% cost and time.

Automate Data Validation

A global EPC company wanted to automate the data comparison between vendor datasheets and engineering design datasheets in order to bring down costs and schedule. IPS iDocuments Datasheet solution provided data comparison to meet client needs. Applying IPS’ iDocuments Datasheet solution, the engineering company is able to compare data between vendor datasheet and engineering datasheet.

Automate SPI

A global operation company wanted to input the historical datasheets from various vendors into SPI for a large operation site dated back 30 years. IPS iDocuments Datasheet solution automated data extraction and loading in SPI, and this automation is now future ready for Management of Changes Applying IPS’ iDocuments Datasheet solution, the operation company...

Digital Twin

A digital twin solution company wanted to identify assets and data from client’s various operation, engineering documents to populate into a digital twin platform. IPS iWorkflow Digitalization is designed to help customers efficiently identify asset tags and critical asset information, link 2D and 3D to automate data population for digital twin. Applying IPS’s iWorkflow AI solution, IPS was able to extract asset information and data...

Document Consolidation

An offshore operation company wanted to consolidate documents from engineering, operation and projects to identify duplications and maintain single document data source for future asset registration and digital twin. Applying IPS’ iWorkflow AI solution, IPS was able to run a large set of documents, build document registers from document repository, identify duplications, further digitalize...

Capital Engineering

Re-creating Historial Engineering Information
2-100X Faster

Digital Transformation

Reducing Manual Process Building Digital Twin 2X Faster


Standardizing, Searching, Comparing, Consolidating Engineering Data

What We Offer

Digitalization Services

Service applying iEng™ solutions to digitalize and automate engineering drawing and documents with minimal 50% cost savings

iEng™ Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise SaaS Solutions for medium to large enterprises with multiple engineering standards, large volume, and long term engineering and digitalization needs

Customized AI Solutions

Research and development of customized AI solutions based on specific engineering and project challenges


IPS delivers AI Solution in SaaS model and provides services with our global service partners.