Today's Digital Transformation Challanges

Much engineering data is obsolete and stored in silos. These data are non-digitized and unstructured, which translates to a laborious digital transformation process, high front-end investment in building a digital platform as well as a slow digital transformation process


2X to 100X Delivery

2X – 100X productivity gains with AI technology
Applying AI and using iEng™ Solutions, IPS provides digitalization services that can automate data transfer in building digital asset management or digital platform such as digital twin. At a minimum, iEng™ solution will generate 50% cost savings and twice the productivity, and in the future, 100X faster and 90% cost savings, enabling digital transformation.

Digital Transformation

Reducing Manual Process Building Digital Twin 2X Faster

What We Offer

Digitalization Services

Service applying iEng™ solutions to digitalize and automate engineering drawing and documents with minimal 50% cost savings

iEng™ Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise SaaS Solutions for medium to large enterprises with multiple engineering standards, large volume, and long term engineering and digitalization needs

Customized AI Solutions

Research and development of customized AI solutions based on specific engineering and project challenges


IPS delivers AI Solution in SaaS model and provides services with our global service partners.
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