AI solution digitalizing and automating Intelligent P&ID

  • Recreating P&IDs from DWG/PDF/Paper to intelligent P&IDs 4-10X faster with 50% cost
  • Integrated with all major engineering and asset management software (Smart Plant, AutoCAD, Smart Plant, Bentley Open Plant)
  • Standardization and searchable drawing 

IPS now provides iDrawings P&ID digitalization and conversion service, as well as customized enterprise solutions.


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About IPS

Intelligent Project Solutions (IPS) provides innovative AI solutions to meet your customer’s engineering and digital transformation needs, focusing on oil, gas, chemical and other process industries. Our industry knowledge in engineering and project management matched with strong expertise in deep learning, visual recognition, and image processing provide cognitive AI solutions to overcome today’s industry challenges.

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Why and How

IPS enable engineering and digitalization process 2X-100X productivity gains with proven AI technology and engineering expertise, to address the challenges in the industry.

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Digitalizing engineering documents, bringing engineering design automation to the future.



AI Solution for Digitalizing and Reengineering Engineering Drawings

2X-10X FASTER  Read More



AI Solution for Digitalizing and Reengineering Engineering Documents

10X FASTER       Read More



Integrating AI Solution with 3D Model for Engineering and Asset Management



IPS is helping customers achieve productivity and quality via engineering with AI.



Digitalization Services

Service applying iEng™ solutions to digitalize and automate engineering drawing and documents with minimal 50% cost savings                                                                   

iEng™ Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise SaaS Solutions for medium to large enterprises with multiple engineering standards, large volume, and long term engineering and digitalization needs

Customized AI Solutions

Research and development of customized AI solutions based on specific engineering and project challenges                                                                                   

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Suggested 4 steps:
1. Contact IPS for demo and customized application and PoC
2. Small pilot projects
3. Digitization Service for ongoing projects with transparent work process
4. Enterprise Solution if it’s desired after a minimal volumes
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